10A Solar Charge Controller


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Achieve constant and stable battery charing in outdoor deployments

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10A Solar Charge Controller is designed to regulate the voltage and current form the solar panel to the battery in the off-grid solar system.

Build a controllable solar charging system with excellent stability to achieve a safer and effective solar powered PoE network at remote locations where hard to get dedicated AC power source.


Advanced Solar Power System

Efficient, energy-saving solar system; include a 10A MPPT solar charge controller, pure copper battery cables and MC4 solar extension cables.

High Reliability

Fanless design, equipped with IP67 waterproof rated rugged metal housing, wide range operating temperature from -35℃ to 55℃, ideal for outdoor or harsh environment deployment.

Different Battery Voltage

Accept 24V battery voltage, allow different batteries to connect, offer excellent flexibility.


One connection port for solar panel, one connection port for battery, and one 12V output.

LED Indicators

Display the current status of the device intuitively, and give convenience to quick diagnose.

Solar Powered Fiber PoE Network

Have high compatibility with fiber optic/PoE network devices, such as fiber media converters and PoE injectors, realizing solar-powered long distance Fiber PoE network.

30W Outdoor Industrial Waterproof PoE Injector


450M Wireless Network Bridge Pair


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