100M Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Cable


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Time and money saving tool to help you finish fiber connection via plug and play

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Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Cable is a hassle-free and reliable solution for realizing fiber connection without huge investment and complicated termination.

Simply plug the cable to any fiber port on the device and high speed fiber optic link between two long distance locations can be generated by spending far less time and cost. Moreover, it suits for various indoor/outdoor applications with easy and low-cost maintenance.



This pre-terminated fiber optic cable is useful to deal with small sized point to point reliable fiber connection with high speed data rate that comes with issues caused by expense, deployment time and technical knowledge etc, such as building-to-building or cross-floor connections.

It features ready-to-install design that enables you to accomplish fiber connection with convenient plug and play and without field termination. This is a perfect combination to various fiber optic devices that are selling on our website.

Pulling Eye design can relieve strain and will protect the pre-terminated ends during the pull, and combine with the provided alleviating the transport difficulty of the pre-terminated Cable in the process of installation.

This factory pre-terminated and tested cable ensures high quality and precision on fiber optic transmission performance. Besides, it is updated to stronger fiber optic cable structure with protective anti-bend material to reduce damage on fiber optic in deployment and provide longer use life.

Equipped with two connectors of two single mode cable in one strand, you are able to set up two fiber optic links at a time with one cable conveniently and flexibly. More importantly, it offers secure and safe fiber optic transmission required low cost and frequency maintenance.

Our Fastcabling pre-terminated cable gives you optimal flexibility to choose custom cable at a length of 100m/300m/500m, thus you can buy what you indeed need, eliminating serious waste of money. It is in full protection by shipping with triple flange pool, which is useful to help run the cable safely from bending, twisting and tangling.


+ How it works

  • 1.The 5860-27 pre-terminated fiber optic cable is at a length of 100m and comes with two single mode connectors at both ends.
  • 2. Choose a pair of suitable SFP modules and insert them in the SFP slots of any fiber media converter or fiber switch.
  • 3. Select the same connectors for both ends (A-A, B-B) and plug in the SFP module, then power media converters or fiber switch at both ends.
  • 4. A fast speed, low latency, long distance fiber optic link is available for IP devices.
  • 5. If you require greater distance, just need use the fiber optic cable coupler to connect more units.

+ Benefits

  • Factory pre-terminated and tested cable
  • Stable performance and high precision
  • Plug and play, no termination needed
  • Protective material to strengthen structure
  • Directly access to fiber equipment
  • Durable “Pulling Eye” design for easy cable transport
  • Faster and less disruptive installations
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Flexible and custom cable length

+ Specification

    Specification Value
    Tail DimensionsOD 3.0 Armor + PVC Wateproof Simplex Tail Staggered Configuration
    Cable ConstructionTight buffer 2 cores (IEC 60794)
    TerminationsLC – UPC
    Cable Diameter2 Core Max OD 4.8/ 5.4 ± 0.3 mm
    Crush Resistance500N/100mm
    Cable Tensile Strength2 Core (Installation) 400N
    Cable Strength MemberE-Glass
    Storage Temperature-20 ~ +60°C
    Installation Temperature-5 ~ +50°C
    Operating Temperature> -20 ~ +60°C
    Tail ProtectionCrush Resistance Armor + PVC jacket – OD Max 15mm
    Pulling elementStandard for assembly length above 20m
    PackagingLength ≤ 100 Coil in heavy duty polymer bag Length > 100 Drum
    FiberType (ISO/IEC 11801)
    Attenuation Coefficient [dB/km]≤ 0.38Max(1310nm)
    ≤0.25 Max(1550nm)
    ≤0.19 typ (1550nm)
    Termination Performance
    IL Max/Master (Acceptance)0.25dB)
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+ Technical Drawing

+ What is included

  • 1. 100M Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Cable
  • 2. User Guide


Installation Video

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