10 Gigabit 95W BT PoE Injector


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Single device to integrate the 95W PoE with a 10 Gigabit data rate

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10 Gigabit 95W BT PoE Injector is an advanced tool for various networking applications that meet the requirements on both high power and high bandwidth.

Adding this injector to the networking system with a plug and play installation, it supplies 95W PoE++ along with 10G network speed over single Ethernet cable without any damage on data.

10 Gigabit 95W BT PoE Injector is a useful and powerful device that well suits for network applications requires high or multiple network speeds and comply with IEEE802.3 bt PoE standard, such as 802.11ac Wireless access point, wireless base station, backhaul, 5G Network Systems, NBASE-T connectivity etc.

The PoE injector supports 1G/2.5G/5G/10 Gigabit Ethernet network speed, satisfying high network speed requirements with less latency.

It is seamless compatible with PoH protocol and IEEE802.3bt standard, so it comes with high security and reliability to the original main network system while delivers 95W high power to the current, meeting various network applications required high power to supply.

Utilize the PoE injector to create an integrated PoE and non-PoE networking system over single Cat5e/Cat6 or higher category cable, there is no need to buy an expensive PoE switch. Its PoE compliancy eliminates the concerns on dedicated AC outlets for the connecting IP devices, providing flexible setup.

The PoE injector is transparent to the network protocols and Mac address. Besides, it comes with simple plug and play connection, offering great convenience and high safety.

Moreover, it is highly reliable, providing carrier grade surge protection to help protect against ESD events. Wall mount design provides installation flexibility.

How it Works

90/95W PoE Injector
90/95W PoE Injector

10 Gigabit 95W BT PoE Injector


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+ Benefits

  • Next generation PoE-95W high power
  • Complies with IEEE 802.3af/at/bt standard
  • Support multiple data rate: 100Mbps/Gigabit/10 Gigabit
  • High security and reliability to original main network
  • Cost saving-deploy existing Ethernet infrastructure
  • Simple plug and play installation
  • Integral Surge Protection
  • Transparent to the network protocols and MAC address
  • Wall Mount Design

+ Technical Drawing

+ What is included?

  • 1. 10 Gigabit 95W BT PoE Injector
  • 2. Adapter
  • 3. Quick guide

+ Resource

Installation Video

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Utilize PoE for Non-PoE

PoE is a straightforward technology that transmits power and data via a network cable to the PoE-compatible devices, which highly reduces the installation and labor costs in building or expanding a network system.Read more


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