PoE Ethernet Extender

What is PoE Ethernet Extender?

The maximum copper network transmission distance is 100 meters. In practical application, we may need to extend the Ethernet cable beyond 100 meters for remote IP camera, access point, VoIP phone, or other network devices. The PoE Ethernet Extender is designed to repeat Ethernet and power over 100 meters without breaking IEEE802.3 standard. The power is sent from back-end as well as data inline. The PoE extender takes small part of power to self-supply, and pass the rest to next PoE extender. The remained power can be used to supply the remote PoE IP devices, or simply connect PoE Ethernet extender to non-PoE devices such as laptop or PC computer.

How PoE Ethernet Extender works?

As the power is transmitted together with the data from the back-end, A PoE switch, PoE injector or PoE NVR is needed to provide power source. Any of them can be used to add power to the Ethernet cable at the back-end. The key factor to extend long distance network is the cable. If low quality Ethernet cable is employed, it can’t guarantee 100 meters maximum distance boost up. 4 units PoE extender daisy chain setup can provide 400 meters boost up. Technically, each PoE extender receives the power and data from previous units, and boosts up the signal and voltage, then forwards to the next. If the front-end IP devices is non-PoE device, the last PoE extender will send data without power. That is why PoE Ethernet extender works with both PoE or non-POE device.

The PoE extender is complete security, because it is transparent to the TCP/IP protocols. Simply plug and play, no configuration is required. Actually, there is no firmware in the PoE ethernet Extender. It is designed to pass and forward the data without involving in any data processing.

Extend PoE Cabling Distance up to 400+ Meters

Fastcabling provides the solutions to overcome the PoE distance limitation with the following solutions:

Complete PoE Extension Solution