Video Surveillance in Parking Lots

Video Surveillance in Parking Lots

24/7 video monitoring for parking lots – from theft and vandalism to assaults and hit-and-runs

Protect Your Vehicles with Virtual Guards

Caught in the Act

Elevate Your Parking Lot Safety

Security cameras are essential for keeping your parking lot safe. They provide an extra layer of protection against theft, vandalism, etc.

Deterrence: Security cameras act as a deterrent to potential criminals, as they know they are being monitored and recorded.

Evidence: In the event of a crime, security cameras can provide valuable evidence for law enforcement and insurance purposes.

Safety: They can also help ensure the safety of customers and employees, as well as prevent accidents and other incidents.

Key Areas to Monitor

Entrances and Exits

Parking Areas

Pedestrian Walkways

Select the Right Cameras for Parking Lots

Video surveillance is essential for protecting your property and keeping your vehicles safe. There are several types of security cameras that are ideal for use in parking lots.

Power & Connectivity

One of the main challenges of installing security cameras in parking lots is the vast area that needs to be covered. Fortunately, there are several solutions available to help you install the cameras over long distances.

1.Easily extend PoE over 100 meters

One option is to use a 2-port PoE extender, which allows you to connect 2x security cameras simultaneously, reducing the number of cables and eliminating the need for individual power supplies for each camera. Moreover, it can effectively double the range to 200 meters and enable the cameras to be placed further away.

2.Go beyond 500 meters with long range PoE

For larger parking lots, a long-range PoE+ switch can be used to extend the range of PoE devices and ensure that all cameras are adequately powered and connected. It can extend the PoE range up to 500 meters and provide up to 30 watts of power to PTZ cameras when used with a PoE extender.

Always Stay Alert with 24/7 Video Recording

Once you have installed the cameras in the desired locations, the next step is to set up the recording system. There are several options for recording footage from security cameras, including SD card storage, cloud storage or network video recorders (NVRs). The NVR is a device that connects to the cameras via a network and records video footage to a hard drive or other storage device. It offers advanced features such as remote viewing and playback, human & vehicle detection, etc.

Surge Protection in Outdoor Applications

Power surges can occur due to lightning strikes, power outages, or fluctuations in the electrical grid, and can potentially damage your cameras. In order to protect your security cameras from power surges and electrical spikes, it’s recommended to install a PoE surge protector to divert excess voltage and prevent electrical interference and data loss that may occur during a power surge.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to consider the layout of the parking lot, the lighting conditions, the angle of coverage needed, and any potential blind spots.

Cameras can be connected to the network using Ethernet cables or wirelessly through WiFi.

They should be installed at a height of 10 to 12 feet to cover a wider area and prevent tampering.

You can access the footage remotely using a computer or mobile device. You can also set up alerts for motion detection or other events.

You can use tamper-proof mounts or enclosures, install cameras in high places out of reach, or place warning signs to deter potential vandals.

Yes, the footage captured by the cameras can help prove liability in case of accidents, vandalism, theft, or any other incidents that may occur in the parking lot.

Case Studies

Whether you need a solution for monitoring a small parking lot or a large one, you can find a perfect match here!