Ultimate PoE Network Extension solution for both IP cameras and Access Points

PoE Ethernet Extension

Break the max PoE distance limit using Fastcabling’s PoE extenders or long range PoE switches.

Achieve up to 1600ft PoE/Ethernet transmission safely, efficiently, and simply.

1600ft Long Distance PoE

Maximum of 1600ft uninterrupted long PoE run for remote IP cameras setup

4K IP Cameras Suited

Meets 4K PoE IP Cameras with 100Mpbs fast Ethernet network speed

Ethernet Extension Optional

LAN extenders to fit non-PoE devices over long range run of Ethernet cable

High Power PoE++

Complied with IEEE802.3af/at/bt standard supplying PoE++

PoE Transmission over 1600ft

Long distance PoE transmission is a problem for IP cameras installed in remote areas due to the limitation of Ethernet cabling, which can only send signal or PoE for a maximum of 100 meters(328ft.).

Fastcabling’s PoE extenders and long range PoE switches allow you to build long distance IP camera systems with up to 1600ft uninterrupted PoE transmission over Cat5e or Cat6 or better Ethernet cables. There will be fewer failure points in the long run to ensure stability and reduced maintenance for effective surveillance and protection.

Extender Ethernet Balances Non-PoE

PoE extenders and long range PoE extender switches also give great convenience to realize Ethernet data extension over PoE cable if you plan to install non-PoE devices without PoE capability beyond 100 meters(328ft.) of max PoE distance.

Apply the PoE repeaters or the long range PoE switches to work with a PoE splitter, and you can make the LAN extended to the remote end non-PoE devices compatibly and safely. The power can be supplied simultaneously, saving the need to run an additional long power cable.

IP67 Waterproof Rated

Water ingress is a big threat to electronic devices, so it is of great importance to focus on waterproof products in the selection.

PoE extenders are housed in an IP67 waterproof enclosure supplying great resistance to water or moisture, and physical elements like rain are no longer a concern. You are able to get outdoor or even direct burial deployments.

Benefits of Seamless Integration

Fulfilling long range IP camera systems or Ethernet data extensions should consider safety when adding new network devices to the existing network.

Seamless connection defines a safe and easy integration. Data communications function well among different equipment, and the existing Ethernet network won’t experience any damage.

High Power PoE+ over Long Range

The greater the PoE distance required between the PoE IP camera and the PoE extension device, the more power is lost in the PoE cable. How to maintain sufficient power for remote PoE cameras to function need extra considerations.

Fastcabling’s PoE extenders accept 60W PoE++ input and supply 30W PoE+ output power even after long range PoE cable run, as a result, the edge PoE cameras at the remote end still can obtain sufficient output power.

Easy of Use is Our Primary Goal

Fastcabling aims at streamlining long distance PoE IP camera system setup.

The PoE extenders and long range PoE switches feature easy and quick installation only requiring a plug-and-play connection, and no need for configuration, giving the most simplicity and convenience.

Moreover, they come with PoE capability to save additional AC power supply around the edge IP devices.

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