Security Camera System for Campsites & RV Parks

Security Camera System for Campsites & RV Parks

Offer complete coverage of your property, ensuring that every corner is monitored and protected.

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  • Remote Location: Campsites and RV parks are located in remote areas, making them vulnerable to theft, vandalism and other security threats.
  • Large Property Size: With vast areas, it’s difficult to monitor every corner of your property and keep track of all activities.
  • Valuable Assets: Campsites contain valuable assets such as recreational vehicles, picnic tables, fire pits and rental cabins, making them a potential target for theft.
  • Wildlife Encounters: In some regions, wildlife such as bears, coyotes, or raccoons can pose safety risks to campers.

Video Surveillance System for Campgrounds

Ensuring the safety of your guests is important, that’s why you need a reliable security camera system to ensure your guest’s stay is not only enjoyable but worry-free.

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Where to Place the Cameras?

Strategic camera placement is key to maximizing the coverage and effectiveness of your security system. Consider locations such as:

Entrances and Exists

Monitoring these areas helps manage traffic flow, prevent unauthorized access, and keep track of guests’ arrivals and departures.

Office and Registration

Proper video surveillance helps monitor visitor traffic, handle customer service issues, encourage staff accountability and prevent check-in scams.

Camping Areas

It’s important to keep an eye on the primary areas where guests set up their tents and park their RVs to prevent theft and vandalism.

Common Facilities

Areas such as hiking trails, pools, sports fields and picnic areas are frequented by guests and need 24/7 video surveillance.

Storage Rooms

Equipment and storage areas can be vulnerable to theft, vandalism and misuse, thus requiring round-the-clock monitoring.


Security cameras help detect and deter trespassers, intruders, or wildlife encroachment from neighboring sites or natural habitats.

Mounting Options

Wall Mount

Easily position the camera for optimal coverage

Ceiling Mount

Discreet surveillance for indoor places

Pole Mount

 Ideal for large open areas like parking lots

Local SD Card Storage

Recording your camera footage is easy with a MicroSD/TF card. Simply insert an SD card into the camera and it will automatically record footage for you to review later. With loop recording capabilities, you can always have access to the most recent footage without needing to constantly monitor and delete older recordings.

App Control

A user-friendly app allows you to monitor your campsite from your smartphone or tablet. You can view live or recorded footage, receive motion detection alerts, and even customize camera settings and recording preferences effortlessly through the app interface, making it easy to stay on top of security at your campsite.

Does Privacy Outweigh Security?

It’s a valid concern when it comes to security cameras, especially in a more personal setting like a campsite. While privacy is undoubtedly important, ensuring the security of your campsite is paramount. Our security camera system strikes a delicate balance between privacy and security by:

– Focusing on protecting public areas while respecting individual privacy

– Implementing strict data encryption and access control measures to safeguard sensitive information

– Providing clear signage regarding surveillance activities

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