PoE Powered Switch – One Cable connects 7 IP cameras or Access Point

95W PoE++ Passthrough

Reuse existing Ethernet cable for network expansion by applying Fastcabling’s PoE powered switches.

Features 802.3 bt PoE++ passthrough to add more PoE IP cameras or access points just via plug-and-play.

Reuse of Existing Ethernet Cable

PoE powered switch allows reuse of your current Ethernet cable for network expansion

95W PoE++ Passthrough

802.3bt PoE powered switch accepts 95W max. PoE++ input and pass through to PDs

Gigabit Ethernet

Supports 100/1000Mpbs Gigabit Ethernet for fast data communications

Easy Plug & Play

Plug-and-play PoE switch with passthrough and PoE outputs eliminates extra power supplies

Reuse of Existing Ethernet Cable

Adding PoE switches is a common way to get more network ports, but PoE switches generally require to be put in places that can supply a nearby AC outlet to power the network switch.

PoE powered switches show their advantages to solve situations where a nearby AC outlet is hard to find or access. PoE powered switches with passthrough receive PoE power from the main and pass through to the edge IP cameras or other IP devices.

Find an Ethernet port or an existing Ethernet cabling, add a PoE powered switch 4 ports or 8 ports, then it is able to gain 4 or 7 more RJ45 Ethernet/PoE ports. And this explains how the reuse of the existing Ethernet cable works.

95W PoE++ Passthrough

Complied with IEEE802.3af/at/bt PoE standards, accept 95W PoE++ input, and featured PoE passthrough.

Coupled with IEEE802.3bt PoE injectors or PoE switches, there will be a maximum of 71W PoE budget distributed to multiple PoE ports for installing new PoE cameras, wireless access points, VoIP phones, or others. The switches can also meet non-PoE devices.

Cost-efficient PoE Extender Switch

The PoE powered switch can also be used as a PoE extender with multiple PoE out ports to meet specific applications that required Ethernet or PoE extension. For example, installing long range IP surveillance system with multiple PoE cameras beyond 100 meters(328ft.).

The PoE powered switch with PoE passthrough enables you to repeat PoE distance for another 100 meters, that said, you can achieve a max PoE distance of 200 meters between the passthrough switch and the connected IP devices(PDs).

Gigabit Ethernet

Network speed is a key factor to ensure smooth Ethernet data communications, which might impact the Internet access experience, the image quality of the IP cameras, etc.

Gigabit Ethernet provides fast Ethernet network speed, 10/100/1000Mpbs data transmission for multiple IP devices that are connected to the same PoE passthrough switch simultaneously.

Easy Plug & Play

Powered by PoE, and they come with PoE capability to save additional AC power supply around the PoE powered switch with passthrough and the connected edge IP devices, eg: IP cameras.

Moreover, featuring easy and quick installation only requiring plug and play connection, and no need for configuration, giving the most simplicity and convenience.

Enhanced ± 6 kV Surge Protection

Surges are unavoidable things to electronic devices relying on copper-based Ethernet cabling and surges can be potential damage if the surges exceed the range that can be accepted by the electronics.

Adopting ± 6 KV surge protection to protect the PoE pass through switches from surge damages, especially during lightning days, and ensure the operation stability.

IP67 Waterproof Rated

Water ingress is a big threat to electronic devices, so it is of great importance to focus on selecting waterproof products.

The outdoor PoE powered switch is housed in an IP67 waterproof enclosure supplying great resistance to water or moisture, and physical elements like rains are no longer a concern. You are able to get outdoor or even direct burial deployments.

Seamless Integration and VLAN Optional

Using PoE powered switches involves the process of adding new devices to an existing system, it is crucial to ensure the security and safety of the original data network.

They offer seamless integration to make the network expansion job can be accomplished easily and safely without breaking the original data network.

Besides, the 4 port PoE powered switch is web smart type support VLAN function for increased data performance and easier system management.

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