outdoor poe switches in harsh environments

Outdoor PoE Switch

Finish harsh industrial deployments by applying Fastcabling’s outdoor PoE switches.

Build reliable PoE network system over fiber optic link with IP67 waterproof and rugged designs.

10KM Data Run over Optic Fiber

Supports fiber optic slot to get up to 10KM long distance data transmission

Waterproof IP67 Rated

Outdoor network switches come with great resistance to water, rain, and moisture

Enhanced Protection

PoE power handshaking and surge protection ensure safety and reliability

Quick Installation

Plug-and-play unmanaged PoE switch equips with a built-in power source and PoE outputs

Harsh Environments Suited——Robust Industrial Grade

Robust outdoor PoE switches are specially designed for harsh industrial uses, equipped with hardened grade rugged IP40 aluminum housing, featuring -40 to +75° C extreme temperatures working range, and adopting ± 6 KV surge protection to protect the devices from surge damages, especially during lightning days.

IP67 Waterproof Equipement

Fastcabing supplies outdoor-ready PoE switches to meet outdoor harsh deployments. Housed in IP67 waterproof enclosures, these outdor PoE switches offer great resistance to water or moisture, and physical elements like rain are no longer a concern.