Long Range PoE for IP cameras

Long Range PoE IP Camera

Get the distance you need without sacrificing speed or losing network performance.

500m PoE Extender for IP Camera

If you need to install an IP camera 500 meters away, the easiest way is to daisy-chain 4 PoE extenders. However, when more units are cascaded in this way, failure points and installation costs will inevitably be increased. Fortunately, with the 300M Direct Burial PoE Ethernet Extension Kit, you can extend the PoE range up to 500m using only two PoE extenders for your IP camera. By connecting the inputs of both extenders, the max. distance between two units can magically reach 500m so as to eliminate failure points over long cable runs.

Run 500m Cat5e b/w 2 PoE Switches

Looking for a reliable way to extend your PoE network in combustible industries, such as flour mills, gas and oil, and chemical manufacturing? The long-range PoE switch is definitely worth considering. Connecting two 4-port long-range PoE+ switches together, then you can extend easily the PoE distance to 500 meters without involving any PoE extenders, which significantly reduces the failure points and electrical sparks along the way. As there is only data transmission between two switches, it highly increases system stability in explosive atmospheres. Moreover, it also simplifies network management, allowing the administrator to control and monitor the PDs from a centralized point.

Extend Your Network via PoE Passthrough

With the PoE powered switch, you can extend power and data for another 100 meters, providing an extended range for IP cameras, and access points that are farther away from the power source. Since the PoE passthrough switch doesn’t require an external power adapter, it can be applied in hard-to-access spaces, such as attics, closets, above drop ceilings, basements, and tunnels, or some places where the existing power outlets are already occupied for other uses. Since the PoE-powered switch has more than PoE output, you can easily install multiple IP cameras and WAPs up to 100 meters away.

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