How to extend the cat5 network up to 500 meters

According to IEEE802 specification, the network signal will start dropping sharply beyond 100 meters connectivity. It is quite trouble while the devices need farther distance such as outdoor application which could be over 100 meters far from the network router. PoE extender is convenient tools to extend network from 100 meters to 500 meters.

Moreover, PoE technology allows both data and power are transported over single Ethernet cable. Therefore, the AC power outlet are eliminated in the field.

What you need:

1. PoE injector or PoE switch

2. PoE extender(s)

3. Cable over hundreds meters

The PoE injector or PoE switch is the power source which can add the DC power to the Ethernet cable and supply each of the PoE extender within the daisy chain. The remain power at the end of the Ethernet cable from the last PoE extender is able to supply the PoE IP device as well.

Firstly, connect the cable to port labeled with “IN” on PoE extender.

Next, connect the “Out” port to “IN” port at the second PoE extender.

Now repeat the above process until you link all the Ethernet cables by using the PoE extender.

Finally, add PoE injector between network route and the beginning of cable. The PoE link is ready.

The maximum cable is 100 meters between two PoE extender, and 4 PoE extenders can be used in a daisy chain. The maximum distance is 500 meters. If even longer distance network is required, fiber PoE extender is handy tools to go. It can extend network up to 80KM with fiber optical cable.