How to Connect two PoE switch with fiber optical cable

In order to extend long distance network, it’s common practical operation to use fiber optical cable to link two PoE switch. PoE switch, Fiber optical cable, SFP module, media convertor are all the required equipments to complete the setup. The media converter is capable of converting the electronic signal into fiber optical signal or vice versa. That is why both side need media converter working in pair. Take a look at the diagram below. SFP module is the key components to convert the signal.

If the PoE switch has SFP slot built-in, what you need is the SFP module installed in the slot.

1. Firstly, Insert the SFP module into PoE switch’s SFP slot.

2. Next Take off dust protection cap on the SFP module and connects fiber cable to the SFP.

3. On the other side, repeat the above two steps to complete the fiber cable connection with second PoE Swith

If the SFP slot is unavailable at the other side, Media convertor is required to convert the fiber optical signal back to electronic signal.

4. At the other side, install the SFP module in the media converter. Next connect fiber cable to the SFP module. Finally, use Ethernet patch cord to link the media convertor to PoE switch.

While SFP slot are not available on both side, two media converters are required to convert the signal between electronic and fiber optical.

Firstly, insert SFP module into media convertor and plug in the fiber optical cable.

Next Connect the PoE switch with media convertor by using Ethernet patch cord.

Next, go to the other side and repeat above process to complete the fiber media converter setup

Now the fiber optical link is ready.

Note: the external power supply is needed for both media converter.