How PoE injector connects to POZ camera

The IEEE802.3bt PoE injector is capable of delivering 25.5W power budget which is sufficient for PTZ IP camera without heater built-in. The pure copper cable is required in order to fulfill the maximum power budget. Choose the low quality Ethernet cable may create serious power loss inline especially while the cable distance is reaching to 100 meters. The consequence is the voltage drop at another end of the cable. If the voltage drop down sharply, it will be unable to power the PTZ camera at all.

1.Firstly, plug the power cord to PoE injector and attach it to AC outlet.

2. Next use the Ethernet patch cord to link LAN port to the main network. Now the PoE injector has combined both power and data together, and ready for remote IP PTZ camera.

3. Next using Ethernet cable to connect PTZ camera to PoE port of PoE injector. Once the connection is completed, the PoE indicator should be turned on, and the data indicator starts flashing at the camera.

If the PoE indicator keep switching between on and off which means the PoE injector refuses to release the power probably the injector can’t verify the remote IP camera. Double check the cable connector and the quality of your cable. The high power demanding devices may requires 90W PoE injector to provide enough power budget.