fiber optic cable media conversion for long distance

Copper-to-Fiber Conversion

Instead of retrofitting the entire cabling system, use this fiber optic media conversion kit for seamless integration.

The most reliable and cost-effective solution to obtain Gigabit data transmission over 10 km for your IP camera system.

Fiber-to-Ethernet Complete Set

Contains all the needed tools to enable fast and handy integration of fiber and copper

High Speed Gigabit Network

Provides 1000Mbps fast gigabit network speed for smooth data communication

Quick Deployment

Pre-terminated fiber optic cables save complex filed termination for extreme simplicity

Pulling Eye Design

Relieve strain and protect the cable during the pull for improved installation efficiency

Fiber Media Conversion Kit Increases Scalability of IP Camera Systems

Use this fiber media conversion kit to extend your IP cameras over 10km after a plug-and-play installation. A simple and inexpensive way to obtain clearer images, HD videos & huge bandwidth that can easily support any IP camera’s video output. Quick and easy installation, uninterrupted data transmission, Gigabit network speed, etc., make it ideal for most surveillance applications.

Media Converter Kit


SFP Fiber Modules


Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Cable


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