Extend Network connectivity for NVR

In some application, the NVR needs to stay closed at front-end with IP cameras which may create far distance between the NVR and the network entrance. The maximum Ethernet cable connection is 100 meters. Once the distance go beyond 100 meters, the signal will drop down sharply. PoE extender can extend cat5 network up to 500 meters. It is the handy tools to extend network. Moreover, thanks to PoE technology, the power can be transported as well as the data and supply every PoE extenders inline.

What users need:

1. PoE Extender(s)

2. Cables

3. PoE injector

Step by Step

1. Firstly, use PoE extender to join two Ethernet cable together. The PoE “IN” port will be linked to the cable from the PoE injector. The PoE “OUT” port will be linked to remote IP device or second PoE extender.

2. Next repeat the above process to join all the Ethernet cable together. 4 PoE extenders can be used in the single daisy chain setup.

3. Now go to the network entrance, and add the PoE injector between the network router and the cable.

4. Finally, connect the end of the Ethernet cable to the RJ45 port of NVR. The setup is completed.

The last PoE extender will not release the remain power to the NVR. It is perfectly safe. The PoE extender only will release the power after it verify the front-end devices is PoE supported.