100M Composite Fiber Optic Cable


Product#: 8107-16

Incorporate optical fibers and copper wires into the same jacket to transmit data and power simultaneously

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Power over Fiber System

For those who need higher bandwidth over DC power, composite offers a way. The composite fiber optic cable consists of a fiber cable that carries high-speed data over long distances and a pair of copper conductors that provide low-voltage DC power to remote devices, eliminating the need to run separate pathways to each necessary location. In addition, it offers great adaptability to future needs, allowing you to keep up with increasing bandwidth demands without the need for a complete infrastructure overhaul.

Factory Termination

Pre-assembled with connectors already attached to the ends, 100% factory-terminated, tested and certified.

Single-mode Fiber

Transmit signals more efficiently over longer distances, with lower attenuation and interference.

AC/DC Power

Deliver AC or DC power to a wide range of devices, including routers modems and IP cameras.

Class 2 Power Delivery

Offer various benefits such as improved safety, reduced power consumption, and increased convenience.


Can be buried underground, eliminating the need to install conduits or ducts, saving time and cost.

Protective Sheath

Protect fiber from dirt, moisture, and other environmental factors that could degrade signal quality.


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