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Two PoE Switches Apart from 100m

Looking for the best way to connect two PoE switches on different floors? One of the biggest challenge when expanding IoT networks is distance. Fiber is a suggested way of combining them if you need astronomical speeds or there is EMI between floors but you may want to avoid fiber links if the cable run is shorter than 300 meters since copper is usually more durable and much easier to re-terminate. With the PoE extender, you can effectively extend a LAN beyond its standard 100m limitation to remote locals and establish high-speed network links between different floors. It eliminates the need for an additional power supply, making it a perfect solution for accomplishing a long-distance networking at a low total cost.

8-Port Long Range PoE+ Switch


Outdoor Waterproof 802.3bt Gigabit PoE Extender


4-Port PoE+ Switch with 2 Uplink Ports


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