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Surge Protection for Long Range PoE

Lightning is a serious problem when deploying PoE devices outdoors, especially for mission-critical applications, i.e. security camera systems. Lightning strikes are always looking for the path of least resistance to the ground, while most cameras are usually made of metal and placed up high, making them a target for lightning. High-voltage surges caused by lightning can not only damage the IP camera but also the PoE switch and other network devices connected to it. The best practice for protecting your CCTV system is to install a pair of surge protectors over the electrical line to mitigate power surges from lightning strikes and other electrical problems. It’s important to know that surge protectors cannot 100% protect your IP devices, so make sure everything is properly grounded.

4-Port Long Range PoE+ Switch


Industrial Din Rail PoE Surge Protector


Waterproof PoE Extender


Waterproof Outdoor PoE Surge Protector


IP Camera


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