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Solar-Powered Wireless LAN(2 Output)

Wireless bridges are an ideal solution for connecting campus buildings, remote facilities, DSL equipment, etc. As there’s no need for expensive cabling, the overall installation cost will drop precipitously. However, the challenge comes when you install them in places where traditional power outlets are not available, and you may face difficulty in accessing Internet and other basic services. But by using solar power, the wireless bridges and your IP camera will have access to reliable and sustainable energy sources. The solar power system has proven to be incredibly effective when it comes to powering remote areas. It utilizes the power of the sun to generate electricity, which can then be stored in batteries for later use.

But to prolong the lifespan of your batteries and maximize energy harvest, you’ll also need a solar charge controller to ensure the amount of power sent to the battery does not exceed its capacity, or the battery can be damaged by excessive power and even leak the power back to the solar panel when there’s not enough sunlight. Fastcabling has designed a 10A solar charge controller that keeps the battery from overcharging by regulating the voltage and current coming from the solar panel and prevents current from traveling back into the solar panels. It comes in a rugged IP67-rated metal enclosure and supports a wide operating temperature range from -35℃ to 55℃, making it ideal for outdoor deployments.

450Mbps Outdoor Wireless CPE


450Mbps Outdoor Wireless CPE


IP Camera


10A Solar Charge Controller


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