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Read License Plates Cost-Effectively

License plate recognition is an advanced technology that uses OCR or AI to simultaneously capture license plates from moving vehicles. It’s widely used in traffic monitoring, ticketless parking, tolling, journey time analysis, and stolen car detection. However, the cost of an LPR system can get pricy, with a starting price well over $1,000, and the software is even more expensive, especially when law enforcement-grade data reading is required. In order to read license plates more cost-effectively, all you need is a high-resolution camera (say 5MP) with vehicle detection ($150-250). It allows you to capture clear images of license plates from a distance, making it easier to identify vehicles and track down suspects. All the data retrieved by the camera can then be accessed via your NVR, highlighted in red lines. And you can easily playback the events of a specific period. To get started, simply mount the camera on a nearby building or pole and adjust the angle to capture the best possible view of the area.

Network Video Recorder


5MP PoE Bullet IR IP Camera with Varifocal Lens


8-Port Web Smart PoE+ Switch with 2 Gigabit SFP


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