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PTMP Wireless Bridge for IP Cameras

Installing multiple IP cameras outdoors can be a real challenge, especially when it comes to wiring. Many systems rely on wired networking, but for considerable distances, it becomes prohibitively expensive. However, wireless bridges can help you set up a fast, stable, and consistent network over long distances and provide coverage to rural areas where wired connectivity is not feasible or cost-restrictive. But if you want to install more than two cameras at once, you need to set up additional wireless bridges for the last-mile connections, which will inevitably drive up the cost, not to mention the potential for interference and signal degradation. In short, PTMP wireless bridges can lead to slower speeds and higher latency, making them less effective for applications that require real-time data transfer.

However, there’s a game-changing solution to this problem: by connecting the slave wireless bridge to an outdoor PoE switch (#6100-73), you can install more than 7 cameras at a time. It’s a hassle-free point-to-multipoint solution that allows you to connect multiple devices without the concerns of signal attenuation and bandwidth drop. It provides dependable connections for high-bandwidth applications and is easy to manage and monitor. Fastcabling has launched a pair of 5GHz 802.11ac Outdoor Wireless Bridges that is equipped with a 100Mbps port and a Gigabit LAN port to ensure fast-speed video/audio transmission. With a clear line of sight, they can support a maximum distance of 3km, which helps facilitate the surveillance of a large area. In addition, the outdoor PoE switch eliminates the need to run additional power cables to each IP camera, and its ability to allocate power also minimizes power waste and helps businesses save money.

5GHz 802.11ac Outdoor Wireless Bridges


5GHz 802.11ac Outdoor Wireless Bridges


Outdoor PoE Switch IP67 Waterproof


IP Camera


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