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PoE over Fiber with Easy Termination

Looking for a way to manage the cables for your PoE over fiber system? Here’s your solution. Fastcabling has developed a fiber termination box that can handle power and fiber cables at the same time. It’s an excellent ‘best of both worlds’ solution for both fiber and power management, leveraging the same benefits that PoE can provide but with improved network performance. The technical difficulties of powering remote PoE devices will be eliminated by running a separate power cord from the control center. This fiber termination box provides a central point for all fiber optic cables to converge and be terminated, which reduces the need for multiple and complex connections in the network. Additionally, it also includes a splice tray for field termination. This box is often used with our waterproof fiber PoE media converters and indoor media converters to deliver power and data simultaneously to the edge device, which saves you a large sum of money installing new AC outdoors.

Industrial 48 VDC 120W Power Supply


Compact Media Converter


SFP Fiber Modules


Fiber Termination Box with 2 LC Adapters


Waterproof Industrial Hardened Grade Fiber PoE Media Converter


2MP IR PoE+ Auto Tracking PTZ Speed Dome IP Camera


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