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PoE Camera & Smart IR Beam for Home

Protecting your home and family is a top priority, and a smart home security system is the perfect solution to ensure your safety. You can control and monitor your security system from anywhere, at any time, giving you peace of mind while you’re away from home. The IR beam detectors are a cost-effective means of protecting large open spaces. Since the beams are invisible, intruders may not even be aware of their presence. They can be installed around your home to create a perimeter that can alert you when someone enters the property. The detectors can also be interconnected to your alarm system, so when someone crosses the beam sensor, it’ll set off the alarm system automatically, leaving you enough time to take safe action. Moreover, with 2MP PoE cameras, you can keep an eye on your property both day and night, ensuring that any suspicious activity is captured. Since the cameras can be powered by PoE, the installation and maintenance costs can significantly be reduced.

10G 30W 802.3at PoE+ Midspan Injector


R7 IR Beam Detector


R7 Smart Siren Alarm


R7 Zigbee Smart WiFi Hub


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