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Peripheral ERPS Network over Fiber

In any work where downtime of even a few seconds can be critical, ERPS can be the most cost-effective way to add redundancy and up-time protection to your network. Network switches are connected in a closed loop, and traffic will be redirected in the case of a link failure to ensure continuous network connectivity for mission-critical applications. And when the failed point is restored, the failover link will be automatically closed. Compared with RSTP (recovery time≅2s), ERPS also has a faster convergence time under 50 msec, which greatly improve network resilience. Fastcabling has also launched a series of L2+ industrial fast ring managed network switches that support a fast recovery time of less than 20 msec, making them ideal for industries such as surveillance systems, automated production lines, mining, oil and gas, and waste management.

Industrial 48 VDC 120W Power Supply


8-Port L2+ Industrial Managed PoE Switch with SFP


Single Mode BiDi SFP+ Fiber Modules


4-Port L2+ Industrial Managed PoE Switch with SFP


IP Camera


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