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P2P Outdoor Power over Fiber Network

Fiber optic cables are a perfect choice for outdoor applications as they are much less likely to be affected by weather, such as lightning and thunderstorms than other types of networks like copper or wireless network. However, considering that fiber does not carry electricity, this could be a major problem if you want to install a PoE device over long distances. But by deploying waterproof fiber PoE media converters (IP67), you can easily extend the distance via fiber to remote IP devices and power them at the same time. The fiber can be run over a long distance to a PoE media converter located near a power source, which then injects power (30W, DC54V) into the UTP cable and powers any compatible device connected to the other end of the cable. The waterproof fiber PoE media converters are often paired with indoor media converters which help convert UTP cabling to fiber for long-distance data transmission. What’s more, to increase system reliability, it’s also recommended to use a waterproof power supply to power the media converter outdoors.

Industrial 48 VDC 120W Power Supply


Compact Media Converter


SFP Fiber Modules


Fiber Termination Box with 2 LC Adapters


Waterproof Industrial Hardened Grade Fiber PoE Media Converter


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