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Outdoor P2P Fiber with 4/8 PoE Out

Fiber is routinely installed outdoors as it can deliver reliable and high-speed connectivity in harsh weather conditions and over longer distances. Due to its high-bandwidth capabilities, it can provide high data transfer rates for bandwidth-intensive applications with ease. Fiber optic networks are also the preferred choice for security applications as they are difficult to tap. To build a point-to-point (P2P) network in outdoor applications, the first step is to gather the right equipment. First, you’ll need a waterproof media converter that provides seamless conversion between fiber and copper. Secondly, because most IP devices do not have SFP ports, an outdoor PoE switch with a Gigabit SFP port is required for secondary signal conversion. In the meantime, the outdoor PoE switch will deliver power and data simultaneously to the connected devices, saving installation and maintenance costs. We have developed different types of outdoor PoE switches that allow you to install up to 8 devices at a time. Installation is also easy: simply connect the fiber media converter to the outdoor PoE switch, connect the outdoor devices to the switch, and you’re done.

Waterproof Industrial Hardened Grade Fiber PoE Media Converter


DC 48V Waterproof 60W Power Supply


Outdoor PoE Switch with SFP


Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Cable


PTZ Camera


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