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Multiple IP Camera/WAP over 100m

PoE transmits power and data over the same network cable, providing a convenient way to install IP devices. But this approach has traditionally been limited by the standard 100-meter distance. With the PoE powered switch, you can extend power and data for another 100 meters, providing an extended range for devices that are farther away from the power source. Since the PoE passthrough switch doesn’t require an external power adapter, it can be applied in hard-to-access spaces, such as attics, closets, above drop ceilings, basements and tunnels, or some places where the existing power outlets are already occupied for other uses. Since the PoE powered switch has more than PoE output, you can easily install multiple IP cameras and WAPs up to 100 meters away.

5-Port 90W IEEE802.3bt PoE++ Switch


Outdoor Waterproof PoE Pass Through Switch


IP Camera


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