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L2 Managed PoE Switch with 90W Out

Have you ever got caught in a situation where a significant number of PoE devices need to be powered and managed through a single device? If so, you need to upgrade to an L2+ managed PoE Switch for improved efficiency. Luckily, we have designed a 16-port 90W managed PoE switch to help you enable real-time control and configuration of network traffic, security features, etc., ensuring optimal performance and security of your system. With a total power budget of 370W, this managed PoE switch is able to connect multiple high-power devices at a time, such as servers, door controllers, sensor readers, and biometric scanners (90W for port#1-8; 30W for port#9-16). It also guarantees better network stability and security, as it supports features like VLAN, DHCP, ERPS and STP. This managed PoE switch supports ERPS which enables rapid convergence in the event of a link failure with a recovery time of less than 20 milliseconds. It can be applied in health care systems as it helps to perform remote monitoring, storage, and retrieval of patient data.

24 Port Managed PoE Switch with 2 Gigabit SFP


PTZ Camera


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