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Industrial PoE Switch with 90W Outputs

As businesses expand and become more complex, the need for a reliable and efficient network infrastructure increases. This is where an industrial PoE switch becomes crucial. The industrial PoE switch is a must have when it comes to deployments in factories, quarries, warehouses, ITS systems, and construction sites. Devices applied in such scenarios will also consume more power, and that’s why you need the 8-port L2+ 90W industrial managed PoE switch. It’s designed to withstand harsh environments, such as extreme temperatures, shocks, vibrations, and moisture. And the backup of redundant power supplies also greatly increases the stability and availability of your system. In addition, this switch is ERPS-supported and maintains recovery times under 20 msec. What’s more, this industrial PoE switch can deliver a maximum power of 90W per port and connect up to 8 devices at once, which makes its ideal in factory automation to control and manage the heavy-duty machinery that plays an essential role in industrial operations.

8-Port L2+ 90W Industrial Managed PoE Switch with SFP


Industrial 48 VDC 480W Power Supply


PTZ Camera


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