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Industrial Network with Dual Power

Having redundant power supplies for industrial switches in harsh environments is crucial for ensuring uninterrupted operations. In applications like power plants, oil rigs and mining sites, power outages can frequently occur, and having a backup power source can prevent any potential downtime, ensure system stability, and eliminate disruption to critical processes. Additionally, it can extend the lifespan of the industrial switch and reduce maintenance costs in the long run. The redundant power supplies can be connected to different power sources, such as mains power, battery backups, solar, etc., and they can switch between the sources automatically or manually to ensure the continuous operation of critical applications.

Network Video Recorder


16+8 Ports Managed Fiber Ethernet Switch with 1Gbps Uplink


Industrial 48 VDC 120W Power Supply


8-Port L2+ 90W Industrial Managed PoE Switch with SFP


IP Camera


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