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Easy Fiber Optic Termination

Tired of messy cables? There is a better way. As the number of connected devices increases, the distribution and management of fiber cables become more and more difficult. To address this problem, the fiber termination box is often used to manage the incoming and outgoing cables. It offers a cost-effective way to organize multiple strands of fiber cables in a budget-friendly way. It’s designed to provide a dust-free, moisture-free and secure environment for the fiber cables to protect the cables against damage, moisture and dust particles. Moreover, with the installation of the fiber termination box, it’s easier to modify or expand the fiber network without the need for a complete overhaul. It also helps in easy identification and troubleshooting of faults, both in the fiber cables and the connectors used.

Gigabit Fiber to Ethernet Media Converter Kit LC Single Mode Fiber


Fiber Termination Box with 8 LC Adapters


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