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Connection b/w 2 Industrial Switches

Industrial switches are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, high levels of humidity, and other harsh conditions that can disrupt network connectivity. To ensure critical data and applications remain available at all times, you can create a redundant network by connecting two industrial switches together, which is essential for industrial operations that rely on real-time communication. In this way, you can establish a reliable and private network between two workstations, ensuring seamless communication and avoiding potential data loss or network downtime. Fastcabling has designed a variety of industrial switches that support a high level of protection against environmental factors to improve the reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) of your network.

8GE+2SFP L2+ Industrial Fast Ring Managed Network Switch


Single Mode BiDi SFP+ Fiber Modules


8-Port L2+ 90W Industrial Managed PoE Switch with SFP


PTZ Camera


Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Cable


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