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Connect 24V PoE to 48V Standard PoE

PoE switches provide a cost-effective solution to deliver power and data to IP devices via a single Ethernet cable, but when you try to use it to power 24V devices, it won’t work in most cases because they run on different voltage levels. Usually, it is not recommended to directly connect a 24V device to a 48V PoE switch as it may damage the device and cause a safety hazard. However, you can use a 24V passive PoE converter to step down the voltage from 48V to 24V before connecting the device, and the converter should be installed between the PoE switch and the PD. But if you need to connect a non-PoE device to the PoE switch, you can also use a PoE splitter. This device works by splitting the power and data signals from the Ethernet cable, allowing you to power your device using the lower voltage output of the splitter. But please make sure that the PoE splitter is compatible with your device’s power requirements (power budget, voltage level, etc.).

8-Port Web Smart PoE+ Switch with 2 Gigabit SFP


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