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Add PoE Switch to PoE NVR System

A PoE NVR system is a great investment for businesses and homeowners who want to keep an eye on their properties. It allows you to record and store video footage from your security cameras. However, to connect multiple cameras to your sysem, you need to add a PoE switch to increase the number of network ports. A PoE switch will enable you to power multiple PoE cameras from a single source, making it cost-effective and efficient. Additionally, a PoE switch ensures that your cameras receive a stable and consistent power supply, preventing any disruptions in the video feed. And there are two methods to add the PoE switch to a PoE NVR system: one is to add the PoE switch and the PoE NVR on the same router, and then plug the cameras into the PoE switch and PoE NVR; another is to plug the PoE switch into the LAN port on the PoE NVR, and then plug the PoE switch into the router.

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