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90W PoE Passthrough for 7 IP Devices

“I bought a PoE passthrough switch and tried to power it with a 60W PoE injector, but it failed eventually.” Have you encountered the same problem? Why is this happening? One reason is that when you try to power multiple devices using the PoE passthrough switch, more power is required to ensure that there is enough power to go around. But if the switch doesn’t receive enough power, it will degrade in performance and even shut down some connections. The amount of power needed usually depends on the number of PoE devices connected and their power requirement. If you’re using the 8-port PoE powered switch, a 95W PoE injector is needed to provide sufficient power to all the connected devices and ensure uninterrupted power delivery in critical applications like video surveillance. Once connected, the PoE passthrough switch will pass through both power and data from the injector to the switch and then to the connected devices, which eliminates the need for additional power cabling and outlets.

90/95W 802.3bt Power Over Ethernet Midspan Injector


8 Port PoE Powered Switch


IP Camera


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