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8 Fiber Links from One Fiber Switch

Ready to elevate your network to new heights? As more users or workstations are added, available bandwidth decreases and the network becomes overcrowded. And the best way to avoid network congestion and improve system reliability is to implement fiber optic cables. They can provide lightning-fast network speeds and carry much more data than copper cables. Distances are also effectively extended to 10-20km with the use of fiber. Moreover, its immunity to EMI/RFI disturbance as well as lightning strikes is a huge advantage in mission-critical applications. To integrate fiber into your existing legacy network, you will require a fiber optic switch that is compatible with the other devices on the network. The fiber switch provides centralized management for all fiber links, so the efficiency of the signal delivery has been greatly enhanced. Besides, the high security of the fiber optic switch also makes it ideal for sensitive and confidential transmissions.

8 port Fiber Optic SFP Switch


SFP Fiber Modules


Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Cable


Compact Media Converter


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