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60W PoE++ Splitter for Non-PoE

If you have a non-PoE device but want to power it using your PoE switch or injector, you will need a PoE splitter. A PoE splitter allows you to split the power and data coming from the PoE source, and use it to power your non-PoE device. This is a great solution for devices that aren’t designed to work with PoE as the PoE splitter takes the power from the Ethernet cable and converts it to the appropriate voltage and current for them. But extra protection is normally required for outdoor deployment. To guarantee the stability and continuity of your network system, we highly recommend you use a waterproof PoE splitter in harsh conditions. Fastcabling has developed a High Power 802.3bt Outdoor Waterproof PoE++ Splitter that is capable of delivering 60W max. power to non-PoE IP devices, such as digital signage, AIO touch-screen computers, and display tablets. Housed in a rugged IP67 metal enclosure, this PoE splitter is well protected from rain, snow, dust and other penetrative elements in outdoor environments.

Network Video Recorder


5-Port 90W IEEE802.3bt PoE++ Switch


High Power 802.3bt Outdoor Waterproof PoE++ Splitter


PTZ Camera


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