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500m PoE+ Network for High Power WAP

If you need to install a WiFi 6 access point 500 meters away, the easiest way is to daisy-chain 4 PoE extenders. However, when more units are cascaded in this way, the remaining power available at the PD will significantly decrease as the number of PoE extenders increases since each PoE extender will consume 4-5 watts of power. However, with the 300M Direct Burial PoE Ethernet Extension Kit, you can easily extend the PoE range up to 500m using only two PoE extenders. By connecting the inputs of both PoE extenders together (as shown in the diagram), the max. distance between two units can magically reach 300 meters. But since the WiFi 6 AP requires much more power (40-45W) than previous generations and only delivers its full capabilities when maximum power is available, you need to use a PoE++ injector to power your PoE extenders, so the remaining power will still be sufficient for the AP. And it’s important to choose pure copper cables for your application to mitigate power loss.

60W Outdoor Industrial Waterproof PoE Injector


300 Meters Direct Burial PoE Ethernet Extension Kit


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