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300m PoE+ for High Power PTZ Camera

One of the major challenges when installing high-power PTZ cameras is inadequate power supply as such cameras typically require 30-40 watts or more. However, most PoE switches or PoE injectors can only provide a maximum power of 30W. If the PTZ camera does not receive enough power, it might reboot frequently. Moreover, when the camera is installed over 100 meters, the extended distances will also aggravate power loss and voltage drop. The cabling and associated infrastructure between the power source and the PTZ camera will also create resistance increasing the amount of power used. Therefore, if you need to install PTZ cameras above 300 meters, it’s better to use 802.3bt PoE injectors. Also, instead of cascading multiple extenders together, you’d better use the 300M Direct Burial PoE Ethernet Extension Kit to reduce the number of extenders used and lower the resistance.

90/95W 802.3bt Power Over Ethernet Midspan Injector


300 Meters Direct Burial PoE Ethernet Extension Kit


PTZ Camera


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