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300m High Power PoE+ thru PoE Switch

It’s well-known that PoE is limited to 100 meters, but in fact PoE itself can power any device at any distance provided enough power is generated at the source. One of the main reasons why it stops working is because there are always power losses due to cable resistance, and as the distance increases, it cannot carry enough power to operate the desired device. To power a high-power WAP or a PTZ camera over a distance of 300 meters, the best option is to deploy a long-range PoE+ switch. It can easily extend PoE+ signal to 300m at 100Mbps and supplies up to 30W of power per PoE port with a 120W total power budget.

8-Port Long Range PoE+ Switch


Outdoor Waterproof 802.3bt Gigabit PoE Extender


PTZ Camera


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