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20KM Outdoor P2P Fiber Internet

Fiber optic networks are a good choice in bad weather because the signals are transmitted through glass fibers. They are much less likely to be affected by weather, such as lightning, thunderstorms, heavy rain, or snow, than other types of networks like copper or wireless network, which also means the fiber optic network can provide a more consistent and reliable connection outdoors. Even though fiber itself is naturally resistant to harsh conditions, still, if the media converter is not waterproof, it can malfunction or stop working altogether in bad weather leading to serious downtime, which can be costly for businesses.

Therefore, it’s crucial to install a waterproof fiber media converter to protect against water damage caused by rain, snow, or other types of moisture and ensure that maximum uptime is preserved, which is essentially important for critical applications that require constant connectivity like IP surveillance systems. Moreover, by using waterproof fiber PoE media converters, you can also power the edge PoE device without running an extra power cable, saving time and money. It’s a perfect tool to establish a high-speed, ultra-secure P2P network at an extended distance of up to 20km or more. But be sure to power the media converter with a waterproof power supply unit and make sure it’s fully grounded so it can be protected from lightning in outdoor deployments.

Compact Media Converter


Waterproof Industrial Hardened Grade Fiber PoE Media Converter


300M Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Cable


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