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200m PoE+ for High Power WAP

The new generations of WiFi 5 (802.11ac) and WiFi 6 (802.11ax) access points normally require more power than the previous generations. Although most of these APs operate at 30 watts, in many cases, 40W is required for optimal AP performance. If the PSE is unable to provide the access point with the power it requires, the device will randomly begin rebooting. Moreover, faulty cables or distances greater than 100 meters will also result in insufficient power. To install a WiFi 6 AP at greater distances, you should use a high-power PoE extender so its max. power output can still meet the power requirement of the AP and allow the device to deliver its full WiFi performance. The 95W 2-port PoE extender delivers 60W max power output to one port and 30W max power output to the other, allowing you to install two PoE+ APs at greater distances.

90/95W 802.3bt Power Over Ethernet Midspan Injector


95W 2 Port Waterproof PoE Extender with 60W Output


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