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200m Mesh Using 2-Port PoE Extender

Covering a large area with WiFi often will require multiple access points. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just placing an access point on every floor where you want a stronger signal. Given that APs are typically mounted below a ceiling where external power is not available, PoE extenders are often deployed to provide power and data to the APs beyond 328ft. Also, since multiple APs are required in a mesh network, by using a 2-port Gigabit PoE extender, you can greatly reduce UTP cabling by running one cable to power two APs simultaneously. For better performance, this PoE extender is usually used together with a 10G PoE injector to ensure the AP provides the speed it should. Also, please note that too many APs in the same vicinity can easily create interference and reduce throughput, to avoid coverage overlap, each AP should be kept at a reasonable range from each other.

10G 30W 802.3at PoE+ Midspan Injector


Outdoor Waterproof 802.3bt Gigabit PoE Extender


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