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200m Away IP Camera from PoE NVR

The biggest benefit of using a PoE NVR in a CCTV system is its unbeatable affordable price. You can simply run one Cat5e/6 cable from the NVR, and it will provide both power and data to the PoE-based IP camera over a single network cable. But standard PoE is limited to a maximum distance of 100m. To install cameras at greater distances, a PoE extender must be deployed to extend the range of your network and PoE. The PoE extender can be plugged directly into the NVR, but can only connect one camera. But depending on the cable type, power loss, data rate and power required, the range could vary.

Network Video Recorder


Waterproof PoE Extender


5MP PoE Bullet IR IP Camera with Motorized Lens


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