How to connect SFP module

1.What is the SFP ? 

SFP is called for Small Form-factor Pluggable, like GBIC, which has been used in data communication widely. GBICSFP module converts fiber optical signal to electric signal or vice versa. The PoE switch with SFP can be linked together by using the fiber optical cable. The advantages of fiber optical connection are high speed, long distance, low latency. The SPF usually works in pairs. Simplex and duplex SFP are available. While choosing duplex SFP, two strand fiber cables are require for the connection. Transmission and receiving are taking different fiber strand.The simplex SFP employs single fiber cable but different wavelength to transmit the data. 

2.How to used the SFP 

(1)First, turn off the power of the visual PoE switch. 

(2) Next take off the cap on the SFP slot on the switch.Insert the SFP module into the slot. You should hear small click sound after SFP makes proper contact with the switch. Please note SFP have two different sides. The side with PCB metal contact should faces down. 

If you want to take out the SFP module, just turn the tail down and pull it out should release the module from the switch easily. 

(3)  Now take the dust protection cap on the SFP module, Next insert fiber cable to SFP module.

Note: several fiber connectors are available. Most popular usage are SC and LC connector. Which connector to use depends on the SFP module you choose.

(4) Now repeat the above process to complete the fiber connection on another end.

That’s all. The switch or media convertor should communicate with fiber link now.