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200m PoE Extender with 2 Outputs

If you want to add an extra IP camera without wiring new cables, the simplest way is to use a 2-Port PoE extender, which is designed especially for point to multipoint PoE application. Not only does it provide a quick solution for doubling the PoE range from 100m to 200m, but also simplifies cabling by running one cable to power two PoE devices, such as IP/PTZ cameras, WAPs, point-of-sale kiosks, etc. Also, it allows multi-level cascade deployment to connect more PoE devices via one cable and extend that connection as far as 500 meters in total, but considering the power loss and voltage drop over long distances, a high-power PSE, i.e. the 90W PoE injector, and pure copper cables (Cat5e/Cat6) are strongly recommended. But please note when this 2-port PoE extender is connected to a PoE NVR, the NVR can only stream one PoE camera at a time, so there’ll be frequent channel hopping.

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