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10G LAN b/w 2 Fiber Switches

As more users join a network and more intensive applications run on servers, a high-capacity Internet is becoming increasingly important for businesses. To keep up with the demands of high-speed data transfer, Fastcabling has developed a 2.5G Unmanaged Switch with 10G SFP that provides a reliable backbone that businesses can count on. By connecting to another 10G switch via the 10G SFP+ uplink, data can be transferred at lightning-fast speeds between two switches, contributing to improved network performance, reduced traffic congestion, faster backups and data retrieval, etc. It provides a cost-effective solution for large file transfer and prevent data bottlenecks for the whole system. Apart from SMBs and enterprise networks, it can also be applied for campus LANs to connect multiple buildings spanning long distances and used to connect routers and servers in data centers.

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