Connect an IP camera

The switch accept AC voltage range from 100V-240VCA 50/60Ghz. The input voltage higher or lower than the range may damage the switch. Be sure you never connect two uplink ports to same core switch or router which will create ring network and block all the network accessing.

1. Firstly, connect AC power cord to the power port at the rear of your switch.

2. Next, Connect another end to the AC power outlet. In a short while, the LCD screen will start displaying the information of each PoE

3. Now, Use an Ethernet cable to link the one of the uplink port to the core switch or route.

4. Finally, pick one of PoE ports and connect it to an IP device such as IP camera, VoIP or access point by using the Ethernet cable. Once the PoE IP device is connected to the visual PoE switch, you can read the port status information on the LCD screen.