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Use PoE Extenders for Perimeter Security in Boat/RV Storage


✔ Perimeter security is of utmost importance in boat/RV storage facilities. However, these facilities are often located in remote areas where there is no power supply or network infrastructure.

✔ To the rescue comes the waterproof PoE extender. It addresses the challenges of power availability, distance limitations, and costly cable infrastructure.

✔ Use 300M PoE extension kits to extend PoE+ signals over 500 meters without the hassle of daisy-chaining 4 PoE extenders, reducing points of failure.


Boat and RV storage facilities are becoming increasingly popular as more people own these recreational vehicles. These storage facilities offer a secure place for individuals to store their boats and RVs when not in use. One of the major concerns for owners is the security of their valuable assets. Therefore, implementing an effective perimeter security system is crucial to ensure the safety of these vehicles.


Implementing perimeter security in boat and RV storage facilities comes with a set of unique challenges, which primarily revolve around their expansive layout.

1.Limited Reach: Traditional security systems, including IP security cameras and motion sensors, are often limited by their wired infrastructure, making it difficult to place security devices farther away from the main power source. Moreover, standard PoE switches have a limited range, typically around 100 meters, which is often inadequate to cover the entire expanse of storage facilities.

2.Cable Infrastructure: Installing new power cables throughout the facility can be expensive and time-consuming. It requires digging trenches and laying out cables, which can disrupt the regular operations of the facility Additionally, ongoing maintenance and power supply costs can quickly accumulate.

3.Outdoor Exposure: RV, trailer and boat storage facilities are exposed to harsh outdoor conditions, including extreme temperatures, rain, and potential exposure to corrosive elements. Conventional network equipment may not be designed to withstand these conditions, leading to increased maintenance costs and potential system failures.

Solution: Waterproof PoE Extenders

A PoE extender is a device that allows PoE signals to be transmitted over longer distances than the standard 100-meter limit. It works by receiving power and data signals from a PoE switch or injector and then amplifying and re-transmitting them over a longer distance (can be daisy-chained to extend the range up to 500 meters).

With PoE extenders, the need for finding power sources near each camera or device is eliminated. The power is supplied through the Ethernet cable, reducing the hassle of locating power outlets throughout the facility. In addition, installing PoE extenders eliminates the need for additional power infrastructure and cable installations. Most importantly, PoE extenders provide flexibility in terms of camera placement. Security cameras can be easily moved and re-positioned without worrying about being out of range!

Designed with a rating of IP67, this waterproof PoE extender (5540-75) is designed to  withstand harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow and extreme temperatures. Powered by a PoE++ injector, it can deliver a power of 60W for devices such as PTZ cameras and digital signage displays. It supports a transmission speed of 10/100Mbps, ideal for scenarios where high-quality video is required. Besides, it supports both wall and DIN-Rail mounting and can be even buried directly underground.

How to Extend PoE Range Up to 500M – No Daisy Chain

In many cases, when you need to extend PoE over longer distances, you need to daisy chain multiple extenders together, which will inevitably increase the installation cost, voltage drop, signal loss and potential points of failure. To overcome these limitations, a new solution comes to the rescue – the 300M PoE extension kit. It allows you to extend the reach of your IP cameras or other security devices up to 500 meters using only two extenders. By connecting their PoE input ports with a continuous Ethernet cable, the distance between them can reach 300 meters, ensuring consistent power and data transmission throughout the entire perimeter.



PoE extenders can be leveraged to install a variety of security devices. Some of the examples include:

– Security Cameras: PoE extenders facilitate the deployment of security cameras along the entire perimeter, providing comprehensive coverage.

– Perimeter Lighting: PoE extenders can power and control perimeter lighting systems, improving visibility and enhancing security during low-light conditions.

– Sensors: Motion sensors, integrated with PoE extenders, can be placed at regular intervals to detect any movement near the perimeter and activate security alerts.

– Access Control Systems: Access control devices, such as card readers and electronic gates, can be powered and connected using PoE extenders over extended distances, ensuring secure entry points.

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