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Long-Range PoE+ Switches for Truck Yards


Truck yards are vast and often remote areas that require continuous monitoring. Installing security cameras in these locations is a challenging task due to the vast distances that need to be covered.

✔ Luckily, the deployment of long-range PoE+ switches allows security cameras to be installed in distant and out-of-reach locations without signal degradation.

✔ Enriched with various extended modes, long-range PoE+ switches maintain high data transfer speeds over long distances, ensuring uninterrupted and high-quality video streaming from security cameras.


Truck yards are facilities used for parking and storing trucks and other large vehicles. They are often the site of loading and unloading cargo and are critical to the supply chain industry, making them vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access. Installing security cameras in truck yards is crucial for monitoring activity and identifying any security breaches. 


Due to their vast size and remote locations, truck yards face unique challenges when it comes to implementing effective security measures. 

Here are the top four reasons why it’s challenging to install IP security cameras across the truck and trailer yard.

Truck yards are vast areas that can extend over several acres, making it challenging to install security cameras in strategic locations. Traditional PoE switches have a limited range, typically around 100 meters. This distance is often inadequate to cover the entire expanse of a truck yard, leaving blind spots vulnerable to security breaches.

In addition, truck yards are often located in remote areas with limited access to power sources, making it challenging to run power cables to the cameras. Installing new cables and power outlets is not only time-consuming but also expensive, making it an impracticable solution in most cases.

Furthermore, voltage drop and data loss occur as the distance increases. Insufficient voltage can result in cameras not receiving the required power, causing issues such as dim images and camera malfunctions, while signal degradation can lead to video streaming issues, delayed response times or loss of critical footage.

Nonetheless, modern security cameras demand higher bandwidth and power capacity to transmit high-resolution video footage and support advanced features like pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) capabilities. However, the limited bandwidth and energy provided by standard PoE switches in long-range installations can degrade the video quality and impede the smooth operation of PTZ cameras. 

Solution: Long-Range PoE+ Switches

Long-range PoE+ switches are designed to transmit power and data to devices such as security cameras and RFID scanners over long distances, reducing the need for additional power sources and cabling. This can save costs and simplify the installation process. Security cameras can be strategically placed across the truck yard to provide comprehensive coverage without the constraints of a power source. Besides, long-range PoE+ switches help to mitigate voltage drop and data loss issues by maintaining consistent power levels and signal integrity across extended distances.

How to Use Long-Range PoE+ Switches?

The application of long-range PoE+ switches in truck yards offers flexibility and scalability in camera deployment. Here are three methods to harness the full potential of these switches:

a. Enabling DIP Switch to Extend Extend Range to 250m at 10Mbps

Long-range PoE+ switches feature dip switches that can be configured to extend the transmission range up to 250 meters while maintaining a data transmission speed of 10Mbps. It’s ideal for installing static or dome cameras in peripheral areas of the truck yard. These cameras can capture clear video footage and reduce blind spots, ensuring optimal security and monitoring capabilities.

b. Used with PoE Extenders to Extend PoE to 500m at 100Mbps

In scenarios where the camera deployment requires an even longer coverage range, long-range PoE+ switches can be coupled with a PoE extender to extend the range of up to 500 meters and provide higher data transfer rates of 100Mbps. The switches can even reach a distance of 800 meters at 10Mbps, providing greater coverage of the yard. PoE extenders act as amplifiers when transmitting video and audio signals back to the switch over longer distances. With this setup, you can install high-resolution IP cameras in strategic locations, such as entrance gates or centralized areas, to capture detailed video footage.

c. 4-Pair PoE for PTZ Cameras

In certain cases, truck yards may require the deployment of PTZ cameras to ensure optimum coverage and control over critical areas of the truck yard. Long-range PoE+ switches offer 4-pair PoE functionality, enabling the installation of power-hungry PTZ cameras (30W) at a distance of up to 400~500 meters when used in conjunction with PoE extenders. PTZ cameras offer the ability to remotely adjust the field of view, pan, tilt, and zoom, providing comprehensive monitoring capabilities that are crucial for truck yard security.


The use of long-range PoE+ switches enables the installation of various camera types, including fixed, dome and PTZ cameras, strategically placed throughout the yard. With enhanced monitoring capabilities, truck yards can ensure the safety and security of valuable assets and streamline operations.

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